Visa Consultant
The visa consultant is a specialist who provides expert assistance and advice on visa issues and migration procedures.
The role of a visa advisor is to inform the client about available visa programs, explain the legal requirements and procedures related to obtaining a visa, residence permit or moving to another country for permanent residence.
Visa Consultations
Obtaining, renewing, cancelling an employee (or blue) card, change of employer

Obtaining EU long-term resident status
Permanent residence permit
Long-term visa for family reunification
Registration of all types of changes to personal data (place of residence, marital status, first or last name, passport replacement)
Long-term residence permit

Accompaniment to the Asylum and Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Student visa
Change of declared purpose of residence
Obtaining, extension, cancellation of temporary protection visa, tolerance visa
We will check your documents, advise you on the next steps, help you fill in the application form if necessary, make an appointment for a personal submission to the Ministry of Interior, prepare documents for change of address, advise on name change, etc.

If necessary, we provide professional support to the client throughout the administrative procedure until the final decision in the case, or suggest alternative solutions in order to achieve the most favorable outcome for the client. The visa consultant is in constant contact with the client, which allows us to react without delay to any complications during the procedure.

In particular, our visa consultant will accompany you at the procedures:

  • At the Foreign Police Department
  • At the Asylum and Immigration Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
  • At the insurance department of the Universal Health Insurance Company
  • At the Labor Office
  • At bank branches (account opening, etc.)
  • Other institutions
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