Real Estate
We will prepare a customized purchase agreement for you, arrange the transfer of ownership, prepare documents for lease of an apartment and much more.
We recommend entrusting the drafting of contracts and other legal documents to professionals. A lawyer using their knowledge and experience can draw up contracts in such a way that they not only meet the legal requirements, but also minimize your risks in legal relations.

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Real Estate
Legal advice on real estate transactions. Purchase and sale, donation of real estate
Legal advice on obtaining building permits
Provision of escrow for real estate transactions
Preparation and review of real estate lease agreements for residential and commercial purposes
Legal advice on financing the purchase of real estate (mortgage, loan, etc.)
Due diligence of purchase, exchange and donation contracts
Legal consultation
Legal advice on residential and neighborhood disputes
Resolving disputed issues in the area of property ownership rights, representation of interests in court proceedings
Registration of ownership rights in the Land Register of the Czech Republic
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