Criminal proceedings
We provide legal services in the area of criminal law at all stages of the criminal proceedings, regardless of the client´s legal position in such proceedings.
At the client's request, we are present during explanations and interrogations, and of course we defend clients in courts of all instances. Over the years of practice, our attorneys have helped dozens of clients defend their rights in criminal cases.

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Criminal law
Assistance in drafting and filing a criminal complaint
Accompanying a client to the Police of the Czech Republic for testimony, interrogation, personal and house searches, etc.
Appeals against court decisions
Preparation of a constitutional complaint, complaint to the ECHR
Defense of the defendant before courts of all levels
Complaint against an order for the seizure of property
Complaint against the decision to initiate criminal proceedings against a client
Attendance of a lawyer at the crime scene
Preparation and submission of an application for conditional release from imprisonment and expungement from the criminal record
Appeal to the Supreme Court against a court decision
Legal advice
Protection of the victim's rights in criminal proceedings
Advice on international judicial cooperation
Complaint against an order for the seizure of property
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