Considering that immigration law in the Czech Republic is among the most complex areas of law
We recommend, for the purpose of understanding of all the obstacles in the processes of legalization of residence in the Czech Republic, to turn to lawyers who have broad experience and plenty of successful cases in this area, because, as practice shows, even the smallest mistake can result in loss of residence.
We are also aware that moving to another country is not finished by legalization of residence, it is often connected to the issues of employment or entrepreneurship, that is why we provide legal support to our clients in these matters as well.

Every moving, of course, also involves the issue of accommodation, whether it is purchase or lease of real property, we will help you to solve everything properly.

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Immigration law
Legal advice on obtaining Czech citizenship
Student visa
Obtaining, extending a blue card and change of employer
Appeals against negative decisions of the authorities, including judicial review
Obtaining a tolerance visa
Employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic
Long-term residence permit
Representation in deportation proceedings
Obtaining, extending, stopping a temporary protection visa
Asylum. International protection in the Czech Republic
Permanent residence permit
Advice in the area of international judicial cooperation
obtaining, extending an employment card and change of employer
Representation of clients before the Asylum and Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of Interior and the Foreign Police of the Czech Republic
Long-term visa for family reunification
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